Collaboration: key to tackling the challenges of the 21st century through collaborative law, which is driven by the collaborative systemic model. Based on the belief that differences can add up exponentially. As a way of preventing and managing conflicts in a positive way, when both parties want to keep their relationship in a good state. Seeking, whenever possible, a win-win solution. Trying to do the right things, based on the value of values, as an engine that drives us consciously in our daily lives.
e.g. The trajectory in its momentum since 2012,

Innovation: by believing in the need to provide new solutions that meet social needs. From genuine curiosity, trying to be aware of judgements and prejudices and sharing them in a transparent way. From empathic and generative listening. Connecting the rational with the emotional, through Appreciative Inquiry, design thinking and other new social technologies. Promoting creativity in obtaining efficient results that are appropriate to the cultural context for which they are to be applied. E.g. The Empty homes Collaborative pilot project.

Pragmatism: seeking efficient, simple and sustainable solutions. Being aware of the limits and knowing how to accept them with flexibility. E.g. Given the difficulty of developing it in our country, promoting it at an European level.

Trust: as a predisposition and vital attitude of believing that people are trustworthy. Intelligent, non-blind trust, based on analysis of implications and possibilities, on risk assessment. It is about making logical decisions and solutions. The predisposition to trust is the synergy that elevates instinct and intuition to the status of good judgement. (S.M.R Covey). It is the basis of collaboration. E.g. the conscious collaboration agreements and conscious ceding of housing.

Peace: from a positive attitude and optimism, in the belief that everything happens for a reason and trying to discover the positive side of growth and learning from those painful situations we encounter in life. Trying to make decisions that allow us to flow with life, without so much need for control, which clearly contributes to our wellbeing and that of our environment. Quite a challenge in the social context in which we find ourselves, in which we only aspire to do our bit to help improve the current situation. Adapting to change instead of trying to fight against a wall, when visions clash head-on. E.g. life experience that when a door closes, a window opens.

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