Fide: Reflections of Civil Society

In this new installment of Fide: Reflections of Civil Society (PDF of 15 pages) different perspectives of the situation we are experiencing, different concerns or lessons learned are combined.

Although the time we have been confined in Spain is similar in different cities and towns, we and the pandemic have evolved differently. Although in Europe not all countries have taken the same measures or the confinement is not of the same intensity and the data of the pandemic are clearly different, we are seeing more and more clearly that the exit and the subsequent time must face it together, regardless of that the times of return to normality should be staggered.

Individual responsibility will be reflected in all areas of our life, both from the health perspective, as well as from the economic and social perspective. Many of the reflections go in this direction and I cannot but fully share them.

The future depends on each one of us, as individuals, as workers, as citizens, as friends, as family members and as many other roles that we play in our lives. There is a frankly wide room for improvement.

This is the reflection to which Cristina Jiménez Savurido, president of Fide, invites you to make .

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