I started as a lawyer in 1981 in the firm of Fernando Buesa, specialized in family. There I learned to agree on the separation or divorce with both parties and a single lawyer. With two years of court practice, it was clear to me that this was not the way I wanted to practice.

After a Master of Business Legal Advice at the I.E. I have always opted for interdisciplinary teamwork, founding the AyL law firm in 1991, specializing in tax and commercial matters.

I better understand the client’s perspective after my eight years as a counselor at VESA, a film exhibition company.

Since 1997, very focused on the real estate sector, accompanying clients in investment operations in France, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

The commitment to innovation has always been a constant throughout my professional career. As well as the willingness to collaborate, not only with other lawyers but with an interdisciplinary nature, seeking to do so with those who could best satisfy the client’s interests. Thanks to a pilot project in collaboration with two clients, I discovered Collaborative Law, promoting the founding of the Euskadi Collaborative Law Association (ADCE).

Over time, I have focused on non-profit entities. I am currently president of the  Arteale Fundation.

At the end of my professional life, I feel that life is giving me the great opportunity to promote and collaborate in social innovation projects, through public-private collaboration.

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