Conscious agreements

What are Conscious Agreements ?

A process thanks to which the parties inquire why and for what they want to make the agreement, using generative active listening, working with the head, the heart and the hands.

Through gamification with the game the value of values, the parties are aware of which are the  values ​​that move them to make the agreement, and how they want to put them into action.

 Through Appreciative Inquiry, they inquire about their imperative and constraints, what is their way of managing conflicts and addressing change, using Design Thinking.

Finally, they will agree on the Peace Pact as a graphic process to positively manage conflicts, the result of the previous process of knowledge gathering. It is about that, as far as possible, the parties are the ones who seek their own solution without having to resort to a Judge or a third party.

A process with three fundamental elements

Why, for what and how

Appreciative inquiry

Peace Pact

What are Conscious Agreements for?

The Conscious Agreements are designed to facilitate knowledge and the generation of intelligent trust between the parties, determine if a positive collaboration is possible and accompany people to find their own satisfactory and equitable solutions, avoiding as far as possible that a third party, judge or referee is who gives the solution.

At MJASL we have developed, systematized and optimized the Conscious Agreements for their application in the cession of housing, collaboration agreements and employment contracts.

dándose la mano

Home cession

Process focused on generating confidence in the owners to put the empty house into use.


Process to explore common interests with potential collaborators and design the collaboration.

Labor Hiring

Process oriented to the selection of personnel based on the generation of trust and commitment between the parties.


Collaborative Systemic Model Network

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