Public / Private Collaboration

Iñaki Zabala (Euskal Air)

Although I was surprised by María José Anitua’s request, given the time that has elapsed in relation to her professional work as a legal advisor to Euskal Air (1991 / 1992), I am pleased to be able to help her, given the justification for her request: the new challenge of public-private collaboration in the reuse …

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Jesús Alfredo Ispizua Zuazua

Jesús Alfredo Ispizua Zuazua, professionally a civil servant of the Basque Government, currently holding the post of head of legal advice in the Directorate of Social Economy (Department of Labour and Employment), states, at the request of the interested party and for the purposes invoked by her, that he has known María José Anitua professionally …

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Ramón Bernal Uribarrena (Funko)

Dear Sir/Madam We hereby wish to acknowledge the experience that our organisation, FUNKO, Confederation of Foundations of the Basque Country, has had with María José Anitua, during the time she served as the organisation’s Technical Secretary. FUNKO, as representative of the foundation sector in the Basque Country, maintains an active collaboration with the Basque Government …

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