Alberto and Maria José

We are used to accompanying complicated processes. End-of-life processes, whether they last for hours, days, months… or years.

It was in this context that we met María José and her mother.

And it turned out that his path was not yet finished. That, setting aside what medicine had indicated for her medical diagnoses in an eagerness to fill any problem with drugs, a full life emerged, awake and capable of enjoying that, LIFE.

And, as I say, that is where we met María José.

And she spoke to us of other complicated processes, of other lives that were seeking to be LIFE.

And we perceived synergies, we felt them. How easy it is to communicate when you share your gaze. When you see the other person from their potential, their individuality, their BEING… When their difficulties, their problems (cognitive deficit, language difficulties, fragility…) are not what defines them. Much less what is definitive.

And we embarked. With all our precautions; the physical distance between our home and our flat, the shortage of time to devote, our elderly parents, our son growing up… All that was put on the back burner when we met them. That meeting… With a translator for words, but with infinite communication. Looks, gestures… It wasn’t a real estate operation. And it wasn’t an act of charity either. It was something else. It is something else.

With our problems of distance, time, child, parents… we attended new meetings where communication grew. And there were differences. And red lines. And rethinking. But with the respect that two families have for each other, weeks, months, years went by… and we continued with the project because we knew it was good for everyone. And Arteale continued to be there to guide us at all times, helping us in our shortcomings and supporting the process, looking at what was best for each family and making it possible for everything to go smoothly.

The process took on a rhythm and life of its own. Arteale maintained a presence that was most evident near the end, when a major crisis unexpectedly arose. I suppose it is not easy to understand a process when you come back to it. And it costs. And it was difficult when a person burst in and upset the balance achieved during all these months. They were moments of worry, of impotence… And once again, communication, presence, patience, quick reflexes, the search for alternatives… all these virtues that Arteale puts into all this made the crisis a time of growth. For everyone.

It would be an understatement to say that we are grateful. We have grown, we have lived, we are ” different “. In practical terms; we have kept a flat without losing money and without major worries. And when it all started this was our goal. But this would be an almost absurd reduction. Now we have more friends and fewer prejudices. And that really is a rounded business.

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